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Creative Workshop of Sydoruk and Krylov
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 Address: Filatova St. 7A,
suite #100, Kyiv, Ukrain
Phone/Fax: +38 (044) 501-6316

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Decorative interior and exterior of home, office and apartment

Creative Workshop develops designs and produces exclusive works of art for decoration of interior and exterior of the house, apartment, and office. It’s the sculptural decoration of fireplaces, bathrooms and other parts of the interior, sculptural and architectural elements of the facades of buildings, sculptural fountain decorations, garden houses and other parts of your front and back yard, produces stained glass windows and painting rooms as well as other artistic and decorative work.

Sculptural portrait

more works for "Sculptural portrait "

Finishing of exterior

more works for "Finishing of exterior"

Decorative Finishing of Interior

more works for "Decorative Finishing of Interior"

Interior Sculpture

more works for "Interior Sculpture"


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