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Creative Workshop of Sydoruk and Krylov
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 Address: Filatova St. 7A,
suite #100, Kyiv, Ukrain
Phone/Fax: +38 (044) 501-6316


Creative Workshop of Sydoruk and Krylov founded in 2005

Our main activities:

  • monumental sculpture; 
  • sculpture for gardens, parks and squares;
  • artworks made from stone, different kinds of metal and other materials;
  • interior and exterior decoration of churches, banks, offices etc;
  • interior and exterior decoration of residential buildings: making stained glass, mosaics and various other decorative elements, as in the interior of tar and exterior spaces;
  • exclusive ritual sculpture;

 Creative team of the workshop:

Our creative workshop team consists of a group of artists of different genres and directions: monumental sculpture, contemporary and monumental painting, iconography and temple culture, architecture and graphics, that have higher artistic education, who mostly graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, and have long experience and considerable creative achievements in their genres. Our portfolio consists of prominent national monuments of religious figures and historical events, memorials and park sculptures, entrance welcome signs of towns and villages, interior and exterior decoration of churches, banks, offices and houses.

Talent, education and artistic experience produce excellent craftsmanship. Craftsmanship combined with modern technology creates the conditions for creative activity, which results in highly artistic pieces that have a deep and meaningful emotional impact on the environment and create an appropriate image of the area and its leaders. We are trying to build our products so that they bear a major symbols of Ukraine, reflect the contents of the events, were clear and aesthetically appealing and at the same time technologically advanced and affordable. Each monument should reflect local developments and characters of the particular area, and be coherent with the surrounding natural and architectural ensemble.  Thus, our works are entered in the register of cultural monuments of Ukraine.

We are ready to make a further effort to satisfy the aesthetic needs of each customer, both individual and collective and through our work decorate every corner of our country and thus contribute to the overall cultural development of Ukraine and the prosperity of our country.


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